This section holds my recordings.

All songs, tracks and photos © Hermann Heimhardt. If you want to link to them please write me. Recorded with either Propellerhead Reason 3.0, Riffworks Standard 2.0, Garageband or Logic. Converted to mp3 with Lame at variable bitrate or iTunes with fixed bitrate. Audio format typically is mp3 for all songs.


Kilimanjaro (December 2008)

Here is another one. At 80 bpm somewhat slower, darker. Very reduced. Only 2 guitar tracks, bass, BFD 2 drums and an echoed clavinet. The two guitar tracks were recorded in stereo with 2 SPL transducers, 2 Marshalls and Leslie effects.


Swag (October 2008)

I had new stuff to check out when i recorded this one. A Hendrix tribute Strat, an MKII Plexi and bass directly into the console. No synths this time only bass, drums and guitar. All guitars have been miked this time using a SM57 and Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. The song starts slowly, then centers arround a chromatic lick that has a cool groove. At least thats what i think. I have another 3 songs ready but no time for recordings ...





Swamp (December 2007)

This one was done over christmas 2007. This was the first recording, where I used a valve amp (Marshall 30th anniversary) together with an SPL Transducer. For the recording software Logic Studio 8 was used together with various Strats and Les Pauls.

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Indian Fever (November 2007)

I had this idea on my flight back from a business trip to India. Unfortunately i could not record this during the next days because i was really sick. So i did this after my recovery. This is basically a nice groove with some blues and funk licks arround it. Recorded with my 65‘ Strat, and a J. Page Historic together with various effects, a Line 6 Marshall Plexi simulation to Garageband and Logic.



Italy (September 2007)

This was recorded in Italy, during our vacation. I listened almost exclusively to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and it shows quite a bit. Recorded with a Brian Moore iGuitar, connected to a Line6 UX1, Riffworks and Garageband.

Planet (August 2007)

A slower song with a Fender Stratocaster rythm guitar with a Marshall Plexi, and an extensive solo on a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty connected to a Line 6 with a JCM800 emulation.

I tried to emulate a Jon Lord type of organ in the phase out of this song. Recorded with Garageband and Logic.



Page me (July 2007)

I created this one after listening a lot to my Led Zeppelin albums during summertime. I copied the whole bunch of records to my iPod and played it continously. The theme is based on a riff Kurt Mitchell did on one of his internet sites and i liked it so much that i wanted to mess arround with it. Recorded with 65‘ Stratocaster, Les Paul R9 Historic Collection, JVM Marshall, Garageband, Riffworks, plenty of effects and various drum loops.



The crow (June 2007)

This is a Black Crowes look alike recording. Done with a 6100 Marshall, Rocktron Intellifex multieffect into my Alesis IO14 firewire, then routed to Garageband and Logic. Various Apple loops used.

I listened to quite a lot of Black Crowes at recording time and it shows.



Rocksong (April 2007)

I really like this one, tone, rhythm, guitar track over guitar track (lots of overdubs). Probably i got carried away too much with the mixing of the solo too much in front. Just Gibson Les Pauls with a JCM800 emulation and a tubescreamer for rhythm. The synths are not synths but several guitar effects combined. Not much after this a started with Garageband and had several synths available. Because i don‘t have a good name for this one it is just called rocksong.



Haze (January 2007)

Like usual a recording done on a sunday.
I had this idea of a crunched guitar sound Hendrix like, with a lot of a Cry Baby Wha, i used my Plexi plugin, a Univibe effect, some Tubescreamer in the solo. Some chorus and flangers in the clean rhythm guitar track.



Luke (August 2006)

I really had a hard time making the guitar rhythm section in the first part of the song because the bending was not too easy in the beginning to me at this speed. I really needed to practice this.

For the chorus i thought of Lalo Schifrins music for „Streets of San Francisco“ because i really like the WhaWha sound in the title music of this TV show.



Furious (May 2006)

This song is just a wall of sound. Experimenting with my new Line 6 stuff.

I used the riffs in a former band and just wanted to record something quickly to get used to hard disk recording.



Stampede (January 2006)

Done for Arnos 40th. birthday just because he thought i will not do it.

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