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Linux is definitely my OS of choice for Desktop Systems. It's free, source code included and almost every tool i need can be easily compiled. Linux is a free Unix-type operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world. Linux is an independent POSIX implementation and includes true multitasking, virtual memory, shared libraries, demand loading, proper memory management, TCP/IP networking, and other features consistent with Unix-type systems. Developed under the GNU General Public License, the source code for Linux is freely available to everyone.
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Linux Links THE Standard Linux site
RedHat RedHat
Suse Suse
English Linux distributions Various Linux distributions (english)
Non-English Linux distributions Various Linux distributions (non english) A Linux resource center. Focus is on product releases, patches, and software issues.
Linux Linux information resource center A graphical desktop environment Another graphical desktop environment Linux Network Address Translation Projekt (NAT) ISDN for RedHat Linux The Linux Documentation Project Linux HOWTOS and Mini-HOWTOS News for Nerds Online Linux publication A LINUX mall A german Linux magazine

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