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Hello everybody,

I play guitar since more than 25 years and throughout the years my collection grew more and more. So some of my equipment has to leave me. Everything you can see on this page is for sale. If you are interested in any item, please drop me an email.

I have lots of additional pictures for everything on this page. Feel free to ask, i'll make sure you get all relevant information. If you are living in Germany and want to stop by to check out some of the guitars feel free to email me. I have several Fender and Marshall amps available for testing.

I don't do this for a living. So these are all private sales. All items are sold on an "as is" basis. I cannot give any guarantee other than: all items are like described on this webpage, fully functioning without any defects (other than mentioned). No warranty, no return, no re-imbursement. Items are sold "as-is". Of course you can test equipment before you buy. If you like to see it in action we can of course do it via Skype ;-)

Please drop me an email for any questions.

German Version:

Ich spiele seit mehr als 25 Jahren Gitarre und über die Jahre ist meine Sammlung kontinuierlich gewachsen. Alle Instrumente sind persönlich ausgesucht, optimal eingestellt und prima gewartet. Ich muss mich trotzdem aus Platzproblemen von einigen Instrumenten trennen.
Alles auf dieser Seite steht zum Verkauf. Zu jedem Angebot auf dieser Seite gibt es typischerweise dutzende zusätzliche Fotos, Beschreibungen etc. Fragen Sie bei Bedarf bitte einfach nach.
Ich tausche auch gerne. Zur Zeit suche ich z.B. dringend einen American Fender Jazz Bass.

Wenn Sie die Geräte oder Instrumente persönlich testen möchten schreiben Sie mir einfach eine Email dann kann ich gerne einen ausführlichen Test arrangieren. Mehrere Fender oder Marshall Amps stehen zum Test in meinem Übungsraum bereit. Die Instrumente befinden sich nicht bei mir zu Hause. Gerne kann auch eine Skype Session zu Vorführung genutzt werden.

Da ich Privatmann bin und kein Händler, kann ich keine Garantie geben und weise deshalb auf folgendes hin: Ich biete die Ware im Rahmen
eines Privatverkaufs gebraucht ohne Garantiezusage an. Die Ware befindet sich im beschriebenen Zustand und funktioniert derzeit einwandfrei und hat keine
mir bekannten offensichtlichen oder verdeckten zusätzlichen Mängel. Diese Angaben mache ich aufgrund der neuen Rechtslage im Garantierecht.

Das neue EU-Recht sieht eine einjährige Garantie bei Gebrauchtwaren vor. Die Konsequenzen aus dieser Bestimmung stehen in keiner vernünftigen Relation zum erzielten Kaufpreis und sind von Privatpersonen wohl kaum sicherzustellen. Die Artikel werden so wie sie sind und unter Ausschluss jeder Gewährleistung von Privat verkauft. Das bedeutet: mit der Abgabe eines Gebotes oder Kauf erklären Sie sich ausdrücklich damit einverstanden, auf die Ihnen gesetzlich zustehende Garantie bei Gebrauchtwaren und Rücknahme völlig zu verzichten. Bieten Sie nicht, wenn Sie mit diesen Regeln nicht einverstanden sind. Mit Abgabe eines Gebotes und bei Kauf erklären Sie sich als Bieter / Käufer mit den zuvor genannten Bedingungen ausdrücklich einverstanden.

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Fender Customshop 60ies Stratocaster, heavy relic, 3 tone sunburst

Fender Stratocaster 60ies Customshop heavy relic (picture gallery of this guitar by clicking on picture)

incl. Deluxe Fender Case

Body : Alder, Neck: Fat "C" maple shape with Rosewood Board
Fingerboard : 9.5", Jumbo frets
Pickups : 3 Custom Shop FAT 50's Pickups, Pickguard : Greenish multi ply
Electronic : 5- Way, Volume, Tone, Tone
Weight : 3,38 kg ( 6.76 Pounds) Case : Brown Fender Vintage Case

Great tone, sounds like J. Hendrix when used with a Plexi amp. Even distorted sounds possible due to FAT 50ies PUs. A great guitar, the only reason for sale: I bought a Pre-CBS 63 Stratocaster that sounds very similiar to this one. Check out the tone in this sample (Marshall Plexi, Transducer, some delay and Fulltone Deja Vibe): List price more than 3900 €uro.

2300 €uro or best offer
Fender Stratocaster, Alpine White, modified with Floyd Rose and Di Marzio Humbucker

Fender American Stratocaster Alpine White (picture gallery of this guitar by clicking on picture)

incl. original Fender Case

Body : Alder
Neck: Rosewood Board
Fingerboard : 9.5"
Pickups : 2 Standard American Strat Pickups, one Di MArzio Humbucker, Pickguard : white multi ply
Electronic : 5- Way, Volume, Tone, Tone
Case : Black Fender Case

Great tone, very versatile guitar. The Alpine white already has some yellowing that looks really cool. This guitar is a real player, i play it since 18 years (built in 1990). It has some minor wear on the body. The frets are good for at least 5 more years. Check out the tone in this sample (Marshall JVM, Transducer, some delay and reverb):

Sorry, already sold.
Fender Customshop Stratocaster, Olympic White, heavy relic, Teambuilt

Fender Custom Shop 60ies Strat Teambuilt Olympic White (picture gallery of this guitar by clicking on picture)

Heavy Relic incl. original Fender Deluxe Case in BLUE !
Body : Selected Alder, Neck: Rosewood on Maple Board
Fingerboard : 9.5"
Pickups : 2 Custom Shop 69 Strat Pickups, one Di Marzio Humbucker in Single Coil Format (the orig. CS bridge PU is of course included)
Pickguard : Greenish multi ply
Electronic : 5- Way, Volume, Tone, Tone (splittable Humbucker with Push/Pull in 2nd Tone Poti)
Case : Black Fender Case with blue interior

Fantastic player. I own several Fender guitars including some real 60ies Strats but this one really rocks. Lightweight, rings like a bell, very rich tone, great harmonics, unbelievable sound with a Plexi or a Twin.

2500 €uro or best offer
Gibson Les Paul Standard, Heritage Cherry sunburst, 2005

Gibson Les Paul Standard, Heritage Cherry sunburst (picture gallery of this guitar by clicking on picture)

incl. original Gibson Case
Body : mahogany back and maple top, nitrocellulose finish
Neck: 50ies neck shape
Pickups : 2 Burstbucker Pro (waxed), both pickup covers included
Pickguard : cream (not yet applied)
Electronic : 3- Way, Volume, Volume, Tone, Tone
Case : Bown Gibson Case

Nice colorful heritage cherry sunburst model with a strong red. I picked this one from 7 different Les Pauls (incl. one custom shop model). The burstbuckers deliver the clear, crunched or "woman tone" to the full heavy metal punch. It's everything, and then some ... only reason for sale: i do have a historic Les Paul with real 59' PAF PUs. The verse and the solo in this song have been recorded with this guitar.

Sorry, already sold.
Tenson (Strat Clone) or Roland GK-3 Pickup

2 Single Coils
1 Humbucker
Fixed Tremolo
Nice flat Neck, great clear tone with the Single Coils, fat Humbucking tone, the PU positions 4 and 2 produce the typical Strat sound. Comes with a brand new Roland Midi GK3 Pickup (110 € list price), already mounted.

Great for recording midi keyboards or effects if you don't play keyboard. Great recording tool. I sell this, because i have a Brian Moore guitar with included Piezo that has a Midi Out.

Price: € 150,-- (Guitar and GK-3 incl. Gigbag, 80 € for the Roland GK-3 pickup only)
Fender Birdseye Maple Neck

Original Fender Stratocaster Birdseye Maple Neck.
"V" medium profile.
9.5” Radius, 22 Medium Jumbo Frets.
True Abalone Dots. They look cool in different lights.
Like new, built in 2007 and has only been played for 3 hours!
Frets have full 100%.
Trussrod works perfectly.

Scale 648mm, Nut width 42,3 mm, 12th fret 51 mm,
width at Neck PU 55,9 mm.
Satin-Polyurethane Finish (semi-gloss, feels great)
Fender-Logo in Gold.
Original Die Cast Tuners (18:1) are included.

Price: € 269,--


Marshall 6100 30th Anniversary 1962 - 1992

(picture gallery of this amp by clicking on picture)
Three Separate Channels

CLEAN channel 1 has all the sparkling clarity and glassy fidelity of the early JTM45.
contains three selectable modes to cover the range of vintage Super Lead purity, to 70's Master Volume power, to 90's Hi-Gain drive.
has a switch for two gain alternatives. The first, a smoldering saturation, is preset to the channel. The other is a searing gain boost that shoots solos beyond the limits of any previous sonic experience.

  • Sensitivity switches, one each for low or high compensation, to match guitar pickup
  • high (100 watts) or low (50 watts) mode output
  • Pentode or triode mode operation in either mode gives effective power range from 100 down to 25 watts
  • Power amp damping control for tighter sound and fuller distortion: high, low, or auto.
  • Auto mode damping pre-selects the right damping to the correct channel
  • Comprehensive effects loop provides level control, series or parallel selection
  • Separate send level trim: one each for clean and overdrive channels (-10 to +4 each)
  • Balanced output with level control features authentic compensation for a real direct to board guitar sound
  • Dimensions: 6100 head: 750 x 310 x 220
    6100: 26 Kg
  • Midi
Price: € 650,-- (only Marshall head for sale !!), pristine condition, this amp has NEVER toured, new matched tubes in 2008. Great tone, no modifications
Eventide H3000S (incl. D/SE ROM upgrade!)

High-end guitar effect system in a 1A top condition. The Eventide H3000S has been upgraded to a H3000-D/SE version with more cool algorithms and presets. The Eventide also includes the famous "Steve Vai" presets.The reverbs, delays and modulation effects are killer - harmonizing and pitchshifting are the easiest exercises for the H3000-D/SE. Absolutely crystal clear sounds.

Key features:

  • Extremly clear high-end sound
  • Great algorithms but also very strange and crazy presets for new guitar sounds. Typical guitar fx systems don't provide such sounds
  • Steve Vai Presets
  • 999 memories, a couple of hundreds are available with great presets
  • Deluxe reverb sound

This device has no scratches or dents. No scratches even on the mounting holes. Technically the system is in top condition.

Shipment contains:

  • H3000S (with integrated D/SE ROM upgrade), Original manuals
  • Presetlist for D/SX
  • High-end XLR to 6,5mm guitar plug cables.(just plug and start playing) and power cable

Sorry, already sold.

Line 6 Space Chorus and Roto-Machine


My G-System has replaced the great Line 6 Chorus. Both of those pedals sound great (even better when you connect them in stereo, but also better than most chorus/rotary machines (like Boss).

STREET Price (Thomann): 106 €uro for the Chorus, for sale at HEIMHARDT.COM for

65 €uro

I just love the sound of rotary speaker simulations !!!!! However, now that i have the Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere the Line 6 Roto Machine is for sale.

STREET Price (Thomann): 125 €uro for the Roto Machine, for sale at HEIMHARDT.COM for

on hold: 75 €uro
Line 6 Pod XT Live
Line 6 Pod XT Live

Line 6 Pod XT Live guitar pre-amp - 36x classic and modern amp models, 24x cabinet models, combine any amp model with any cabinet model, 84x models of classic effect pedals and studio effects, 128x programmable presets, USB, MIDI, compatible with Guitar-Port, Variax input, Dimensions: 52 x 30 x 9.5cm.

My POD XT Live was mainly used for recording in the past, only at home, non smoking environment, now obsolete due to the SPL transducer and several Marshall and Fender Amps. I just purely go analog in recording today. However the Line 6 stuff is great for easy recording without a several thousand Dollar/Euro investment

Great deal: This item is for sale for 300,-- Euro incl. free shipping within Germany . ALL Guitar AND BASS Model Packs included, Metal, FX Junkie, Collector Classics, Bass Expansion

250,-- Euro incl. Shipping to Germany
TC Electronics G-System


TC Electronics G-System, professional looper with Midi capabilities and some of the best effects (fantastic delays, reverbs, chorus, flanger, wahs, pitch shifters, etc). Possibility to connect analog pedals to the various loops. Rugged as a tank. One of the best pieces of gear for guitar players, Here is the link to the tcelectronics G-System forum.
Like new, still has protective foil on display !! Never toured or gigged. Used for only 10 days. 3.0 Firmware already installed.



Sorry, already sold.


Alesis Drum Control Pad

The Alesis Control Pad USB/MIDI Percussion Pad Controller is a compact live performance instrument and an equally effective studio–based MIDI percussion programming tool.

The Control Pad features 8 velocity–sensitive pads with a responsive rubber surface for excellent stick response and expressive performance, as well as 2 trigger inputs for connecting external pads such as the Alesis Drum Pad and Cymbal Pad expansion kits. The Control Pad operates on USB power, or with an included
A/C power adapter. The Control Pad is bundled with FXPansion’s BFD Lite, a professional drum module with high quality sound libraries that feature acoustic and electronic drum kits.


Sorry, already sold.

The Rocktron Bradshaw Switching system RSB-12R/12F
Bradshaw floorboard
Do you want to switch professional amps without switching capabilities like Twin reverbs, Marshall Plexis, etc. Then this Bob Bradshaw rack is the thing for you. Bob worked for people like Steve Lukather and the design was used by Rocktron.
A large pedal board is included that has a dedicated harness to connect to the rack unit. These do have MIDI capability although most of the original Bradshaw units did not. It has 7 loops and a Hush loop, plus 4 control switches [so 12 switches total]. The thing also had a programmable VCA and another stereo nonprogrammable Hush. The pedalboard ["RSB12F"] allowed 5 presets of on/off's for 12 switches per bank.

Sorry, already sold.
The Rocktron Bradshaw Switching system RSB-12R matches the RSB-12F (footswitch).
It has a 2 rack space panel with 6 and 10 loops respectively all with active buffereing and a master VCA that is controlled via a remote volume pedal. German manual (sort of) is here

Ibanez HD1000 Digital Harmonics Delay

Ibanez HD1000 Digital Harmonics Delay

already sold

Boss RDD-20 Delay

already sold
POD 2 plus floorboard

Line 6 Amp Models emulation of legendary amps
Digital Effects
customizable Factory/ User Presets 36
Amp Models
32, and speaker modulation
Headphone & Direct Out
1/4 inch TRS
Stereo Remote access to all channels and tap tempo Chromatic tuner access (Floor Board only) Wah and volume pedals (Floor Board only) Stomp Box-style effects on/off (Floor Board only) Product Page is here

already sold

The Floor Board has two main modes of operation: Channel Select and Effect On/Off. Effect On/Off gives you instant direct access to your Digital Guitar Amplifier System's effects. Step on one of the sturdy steel Effect On/Off switches and the amp instantly responds by turning that effect on or off, just like a classic effect stomp box.

already sold
Zerberus Q-Deluxe

Zerberus Q-Deluxe

Made in Korea/finished in Germany
Bought 2004 in Munich (Ebay)
Two Zebra Humbucker Pickups
Floyd Rose Tremolo
Warwick Rockcase Floyd Rose Setup click here
Company website: www.zerberus-guitars.de


already sold
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