Guitar racks and effects

Behringer MXB-1002 Mixer


10-Channel Mixing Console with Optional Battery Operation. It features two mono, three stereo and a separate stereo tape return channel. All stereo channels have separate gain controls for mic and line inputs, allowing both inputs to be active. Each channel offers our renowned 3-band EQ plus two aux sends; inserts are provided on the mono channels. Has phantom power and balanced inputs and outputs. I use this as the central mixing console for the computer hard disk recording with Logic on a Mac with an Alesis IO14 audio firewire interface, a MOTU ultralite MK3 and as the interconnection between the rack, the amps, the POD XT Live, Transducers, Effect inserts and the stereo amplifier with the monitoring unit.

My crowded peadalboard. It really changes a lot ;-) The main switching unit is a t.c. electronic G-System. In front of it there is my CryBaby, going into the Fulltone soulbender Fuzz, into the fulltone Fat-Boost, into the G-System. In the loops are a Hughes and Kettner rotosphere, a Fulltone Deja Vibe and a Tonehunter Juicy Fruit. The G-System connetcs via the Morley Hum eliminator to the Marshall JVM input, the insert loop from the Marshall back to the G-Sys and then stereo out to the return loops of the Marshall JVM and the Marshall Plexi MK-II. From there either to the 2 Marshall cabinets or to two SPL transducers.


My new SPL Transducer is used mainly for recording and as a dry/wet/wet balancer. Awesome ... I added a second one for the stereo option ;-)


TC Electronics G-System, i use this one now for switching my Marshalls JVM and of course for its great effects. Here is the link to the tcelectronics G-System forum. I do connect my analog pedals to its loops. This is my main switching system, now.

Line 6 Pod XT Live

POD XT Live (mainly used for recording in the past, now obsolete due to the SPL transducer and several Marshall and Fender Amps. I just purely go analog in recording today. However the Line 6 stuff is great for easy recording without a several thousand Dollar/Euro investment)

This item is for sale (399 Euro plus shipping, ALL Guitar AND BASS Model Packs included, each model Pack worth 50 $). Checkout the for sale page

Software and tools can be found here. The Line6 custometone library is here.

Volume and other Pedals

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal and Dunlop Cry Baby Wah (modded by tonehunter.de)

The Cry Baby is one of the guitarist MUST HAVE items.


holy graildelaytubescreamer

Electric Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb
Ibanez Analog Delay (bought 1988)
Ibanez Tube Screamer TS 808
Ibanez AF201 (picture coming)
Mainly use those with my Fender Twin (great warm sound)


Line 6 Roto Machine
Line 6 Space Chorus

I just love the sound of rotary speaker simulations !!!!! However, now that i have the Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere the Line 6 Roto Machine is for sale. Here is the for sale page


Fulltone Deja Vibe (great Vibrato/Chorus/Leslie with attitude)
Fulltone Fat-Boost (if you turn it on you don't want to turn it off again)
Fulltone Soul-Bender (Fuzzzzzzz!!!)


Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere MK II, Analog Leslie Simulation

I just love the sound of rotary speaker simulations !!!!!
Here is the Harmony Central review
Preamp: 1x 12AX7
Effects: Rotary, Drive
Switches:Bypass, Breaker, Slow-Fast, Mode (guitar/keys)
Special Features: Drive, Output, Rotor Balance, 2 Trims for Fast Speed
Bypass: True Bypass
226 x 215 x 80 mm, 2 kg/4,4 lbs

Rocktron/Bob Bradshaw RSB-12R loop switcher and pedal board
(For Sale, if you want to have it, drop me an email)


The Rack has a Hughes & Kettner Cream Machine (Tube Preamp), A BOSS RDD20 Digital Delay, an Ibanez HD1000 Harmonic Delay, and a Rocktron Intellifex. The Intellifex PDF manual is here. The Rocktron Bradshaw Switching system RSB-12R matches the RSB-12F (footswitch). They have a 2 rack space panel with 6 and 10 loops respectively all with active buffereing and a master VCA that is controlled via a remote volume pedal. German manual (sort of) is here

The Boss RDD20 Digital Delay, the Ibanze HD1000 and the Bradshaw switching system are already sold.


A large pedal board is included that has a dedicated harness to connect to the rack unit. These do have MIDI capability although most of the original Bradshaw units did not. It has 7 loops and a Hush loop, plus 4 control switches [so 12 switches total]. The thing also had a programmable VCA and another stereo nonprogrammable Hush. The pedalboard ["RSB12F"] allowed 5 presets of on/off's for 12 switches per bank. Sorry, already sold.

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