Hi, this is the music section on heimhardt.com. It holds links to other music websites

that i like or use and some of my personal music stuff.


My stuff (some of it is for sale!) & my songs

FOR SALE Guitars, amps, effects, looper
Guitars Some of my guitars online
Amps My amps online
Gear 19 inch effects, racks, switches
Songs My songs

Guitar sites

Mr. Gearhead Fender Online help and manual resources
Harmony Central Guitar A lot of Guitar resources, tests, rants, descriptions, etc ...
Tonehunter One of my favourite "pimp my gear" sites
Crazyparts Another "pimp my gear" site
The Les Paul forum Forum for the best guitar available
Guitarmaniacs Show your gear
Gitarre & Bass (german) A german guitar newspaper


The Fender family Guitars by Fender
Gibson musical instruments Guitars by Gibson
Ibanez instruments Guitars by Ibanez
Zerberus Guitars Guitars by Zerberus (custom)
Nick Huber Guitars Guitars by Nick Huber (custom)
Iguitar Iguitar concept with MIDI and now USB connections
Paul Reed Smith Guitars by Paul Reed Smith
historicmakeovers.com A Complete makeover of your Historic Les Paul™
Gbase Musicians gear source
Fretted Americana Vintage & collectable guitars
eddievegas.com Vintage Fender Guitars

My favourite Guitar Players : Wikipedia Link

Jimi Hendrix Frank Zappa
Vernon Reid Jeff Beck
Joe Bonamassa Eddie Hazel
Stevie Ray Vaughan Steve Morse
Eddie Van Halen Robert Johnson
Steve Lukather Jimi Page
Tom Morello John Frusciante

Amps & Equipment

Line 6 Amp Modelers & Effects
Rocktron Digital Effects & Midi Patchbays
Marshall The Father Of Loud
Amptone Guitar Amp Tone
The Amp Database Harmony central guitar amp database
Mesa Boogie Mesa Engineering
Soldano Custom amplification
audioampco.com Amp Audio, german boutique amps

Software & Recording Sites

Reason Propellerheads reason 3.0
Homerecording.de Homerecording site
Sonoma Wireworks Home of Riffworks
Drums on demand Nice drums to use in various applications
Apple Logic My main recording and mixing software
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